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Joel Jones

Tucson, AZ


Thx guys for doing a great job on my rebuilt A 833n transmission



Tile Makerman

Tucson, AZ

2 months ago

These guys are awesome. Mike makes sure the job gets done and does it right. Labor prices are below normal which was pleasant to see and worked extra to get my car fixed in time for me.



Edgar L.

Paramount, CA


My car broke down on the highway and found this place online. AAA towed me here at my request and they even waited a few minutes after closing to recieve my car in the shop. The next day mike called me and told me my car needed a fuel pump and tune up. They finished the job in a few hours and the price was the cheapest around. 

I recommend this place because they are honest and are willing to go the extra mile in helping you out and getting me back on the road the fastest possible but at the same time doing the job right.



Michael Horton

Tucson, AZ

November 14, 2013

Honored warranty on Chrysler Minivan transmission repair, and other preventive maintenance work.

Excellent. Car developed small problem jerking intermittently when accelerating leaving stop lights. I grew up on a farm, so I knew to get it checked out before more damage could occur. Mike was friendly and took it on a test drive identifying the problem. They rebuilt the transmission without charge even though it was a couple of months out of warranty. I heartily recommend this company. They are honest.

While it was in the shop, I had them do a rear brake job, a tuneup, replace the serpentine belt, a leaky radiator, and hoses. The car is old, but my daughter drives it so I keep it  in tip top shape. This shop allows me to do that without breaking the bank and without worry of being taken, which is so often the case with auto repairs these days.



Michael Horton

Tucson, AZ

May 27, 2012

Did complete 4 wheel brake job on BMW 740iL.

Great. BMW Tucson has quoted me over $1,400. Mike did the work, which turned out perfect for $650, using genuine OEM parts. I had previously had my daughter's Chrysler minivan's transmission rebuilt there at about a $300 savings over other shops in town and it has lasted 3 years with no problems. I have also had work done on my BMW done there in 2013 at a substantial savings over Tucson BMW's quote, and Tucson Transmission's work has always been done right the first time at a substantial savings. If I can trust my 'baby' (the BMW) with them, you can bet they will do a great job for you.



Lloyd Jones

Tucson, AZ

July 16, 2012

I used Tucson Transmission & Auto Repair LLC for transmission repair.

I was pleased with their service.  I don't have to see them in three months if the transmission holds up.  So far they've been fine.  They respected our price and timeline.  The price was too much for me but it was the best price I could find.  The quality is good so far.  Their responsiveness was good.



Michael Horton

Tucson, AZ

May 18, 2012

They rebuilt a transmission for my Chrysler minivan in Jan 2011. It runs like a top. No problems. Had other small repairs done since then and zero problems. They are courteous, professional and fix it right the first time. Recently my BMW's brakes needed replacing. BMW of Tucson wanted $1,400 to replace them. I called Tucson Transmission asking Mike if by chance they could do the work. He answered that they could, mentioning that they work on Mercedes, BMW's and other foreign cars as well as domestic cars. They did the brake job for $400 including parts and the brakes now work great! They scheduled an appointment, took the car on time and had the work done in a few hours.

I can't say enough good things about this company. They aren't just professional and competent, but courteous as well. Don't hesitate calling Mike at  888-2790.

I now have 6,000 miles on my BMW's brakes and they still work like a charm. They saved me $1,000 on the brake job over BMW of Tucson's price. That is a lot of money to me. I am thrilled that I now an excellent repair shop for my BMW as well as the Chrysler minivan my daughter drives. They have repaired it several times, always for a reasonable price and never with any problems.



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